Molecular SIBLINGs in Health and Disease
2005 Gordon Research Conference on Small Integrin Binding Proteins
The first Small Integrin Binding Protein Gordon Resarch Conference was held at Big Sky, Montana on September 11th through the 16th of 2005. The total number of people attending was 94. The first session was devoted to: “Shared functions of SIBLINGs” and discussed BSP, OPN and DMP1 association with matrix mineralization, expression in cancer, and binding to matrix metalloproteinases. The next session, “Osteopontin & Mineral Metabolism,”  concerned the functions of osteopontin in vascular calcification, osteoblast and osteoclast biology. The third session, “Osteopontin in Cancer, Inflammation & Immunity,” covered the action of osteopontin on cell adhesion and signaling in cancer, tissue remodeling and immune system function. The fourth session, “Bone siaoprotein & Dentin Matrix Protein-1,” discussed transgenic models targeting bone sialoprotein as well as DMP-1 gene structure. A fifth session, “The CCN Family,” presented talks on CCN gene expression in skeletal development, fibrosis as well as talks on CCN – integrin interactions and cell signaling). The next session, “Dentin Matrix Protein-1 and Dentin Sialophosphoprotein,” was devoted to the phenotype of DMP-1 null mouse, human DSPP mutations, and post-translational modifications of the two SIBLINGs DMP-1 and DSPP. The final session, “DSPP, MEPE & Hot Topics,” covered the phenotype of the DSPP null mouse, the OF45/MEPE null mouse, osteopontin action as a neuroprotectant for stroke therapy, OPN as a haemopoietic stem cell regulator, and as a metastatic gene. Thus, the focus of this meeting was primarily on SIBLINGs and more specifically, osteopontin and on structure/function in normal physiology.