Molecular SIBLINGs in Health and Disease
2007 Gordon Research Conference on Small Integrin Binding Proteins
The introductory session on Sunday featured Dr. Joanne Murphy-Uhlrich (University of Alabama at Birmingham) who provided an orientation to integrin signaling from a non-SIBLING/CCN perspective and Dr. Elizabeth A. Komives (University of California, San Diego) who presented NFkB/IkB molecular dynamics and interactions.

            The first morning session (“The SIBLING and CCN Families – the Inside Story”), chaired by Dr. Jaro Sodek (University of Toronto), featured presentations by Dr Maria Shinohara (Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Dr. Maurice Ringuette (University of Toronto), Dr. Peter Zahradka (University of Manitoba), and Dr. Benard Perbal (Université Paris, France). These talks addressed new research on intracellular localization and activity of SIBLINGs and CCNs. The Monday evening session (“Genomic and Cis-Regulatory Analysis of SIBLING and CCN Genes) was devoted to state-of-the-art knowledge on the enhancer, promoter and other regulatory regions involved in modulating the expression of these two gene families. This session is facilitated by Dr. Stephen Harris (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio) and features presentations by Dr. Masaki Noda (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan) and Margarett Goppelte-Struebe (Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany) as well as Dr. Harris.

            The Tuesday morning session (“SIBLINGS and Cancer”), chaired by Dr. Vincent Castronovo (University of Liege, Belgium), contained four talks addressing new research on SIBLINGs as biomarkers of cancer detection, bone metastases, and disease progression and potential molecular mechanisms of SIBLING action. These talks were given by Dr. Akeila Bellahcene (University of Liege, Belgium), Dr. Lelage Wakefield (National Cancer Institute), Dr. Alison Allan (University of Western Ontario), and Dr. Susan Rittling (Forsyth Institute). The Tuesday evening session (“Bioactive Fragments”) was facilitated by Dr. Cecilia Giachelli (University of Washington) and featured presentations by Dr. Lucy Liaw (Maine Medical Research Institute), Dr. Dennis Clegg (University of California at Santa Barbara), and Dr. Vijaya Rao (Texas Cancer Research Institute). 

            The Wednesday morning session (“CCNs and Cancer), chaired by Dr. David Brigstock (Ohio State University), featured presentations by Dr. H. Phillip Koeffler (UCLA School of Medicine), Dr. Mauhara Takigawa (Okayama University, Japan), Dr. Min-Liang Kuo (National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan), and Dr. Sushanta Banerjee (V.A. Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri). Analogous to the Tuesday morning session devoted to SIBLINGs and cancer, this session addressed state-of-the-art research on CCN expression and activities in cancer. The Wednesday evening session (“SIBLINGs/CCNs and Normal Physiology”) concerned new studies using transgenic mouse models and naturally occurring human mutations to address SIBLING function. The presentations, chaired by Dr. Jerry Feng (University of Missouri-Kansas City), were by Dr. Susan Schiavi (Applied Genomics, Genzyme Corp), Dr. Ken White (Indiana University) and Dr. Feng.
The Thursday morning session (“Inflammation and other Hot Topics”), chaired by Dr. David Denhardt (Rutgers University), was devoted to SIBLING expression and activity in inflammation, obesity, macrophage function and immune response to stress.  These presentations were being given by Dr. Dennis Bruemmer (University of Kentucky), Dr. Marta Scatena (University of Washington), and Dr. Kathryn Wang (Rutgers University). In addition, A fourth schedule talk by Dr. Lester Lau (University of Illinois) discussed recent research on CCN1 and inflammation.